Rebecca served as a Pasco City Councilmember for 21 years. As an elected official Rebecca always put Pasco’s taxpayers first, investing in an array of projects to improve the city’s economic opportunity and vitality. Pasco opened everything from new roads to new libraries during Rebecca’s tenure on City Council, and her steady hand ensured residents received the services they needed during times of economic downturn and rapid growth. Because of her knowledge of rural infrastructure needs, Rebecca was appointed by Governors Locke and Gregoire to serve on two state infrastructure boards. Rebecca’s proudest accomplishments come from outside her career in government: her forty year marriage, seven children, and seven grandchildren.

Read more about Rebecca’s impressive accomplishments and extensive civic record below:



✓ Over 80% reduction in Pasco crime

✓ Thousands of dollars saved in decreased property taxes

✓ Coordinated expansion of Water, Sewer, and other City Services as Pasco’s population more than doubled

✓ Significant investment in Pasco’s Downtown

✓ Created and expanded Pasco’s Food Processing Center

✓ Worked with Department of Natural Resources to develop farm circles in Pasco’s Urban Growth Area

✓ Invested millions of transportation dollars to bring industrial development and jobs to Southeastern Washington

✓ Worked on and approved regional infrastructure projects, including:

  • Kartchner Road Overpass on US 395
  • Red Mountain Interchange on I-82
  • US 12 Walla Walla Road Improvements


Civic Engagement:

Pasco Parks and Recreation Board

Association of Washington Cities Board Member

Franklin County TRAC Board

Law Enforcement Officers’ and FireFighters Retiree Coalition Board Member

Leadership Tri-Cities

Mid-Columbia Master Singers Member

Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre Member

Regional Public Facilities Tri-Cities Board Member

Washington State Public Works Trust Fund Board Member

Washington State Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board


Career Experience:

Elementary School Teacher

Middle School Teacher

National Board-Certified Librarian

Pasco City Council Member

Pasco Mayor Pro-Tem